Lake Mendota
Surface Area: 3,985 ha
Max Depth: 25.3 m
Mean Depth: 12.7 m

Lake Monona
Surface Area: 1,326 ha
Max Depth: 22.6 m
Mean Depth: 8.3 m
Lake Waubesa
Surface Area: 843 ha
Max Depth: 11.6 m
Mean Depth: 4.7 m
Lake Kegonsa
Surface Area: 1,299 ha
Max Depth: 9.8 m
Mean Depth: 5.1 m



City of Madison

Dane County






We have integrated real-time hydrodynamic models into INFOS for the Yahara Lakes. The hydrodynamic models describe the motion of water within the lakes.

Nowcast Water Levels:
Yahara Lakes Map Mendota Monona Waubesa Kegonsa

We have integrated a real-time, spatial water level model for the Yahara Lakes. For each lake we plot model time history of water levels across the lake. The model is supplied with real-time wind data so its role on conditions such as backwater, reverse river flows, and lake seiches are provided with the model.

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Lake Mendota

Lake Monona

Lake Waubesa

Lake Kegonsa