Lake Mendota
Surface Area: 3,985 ha
Max Depth: 25.3 m
Mean Depth: 12.7 m

Lake Monona
Surface Area: 1,326 ha
Max Depth: 22.6 m
Mean Depth: 8.3 m
Lake Waubesa
Surface Area: 843 ha
Max Depth: 11.6 m
Mean Depth: 4.7 m
Lake Kegonsa
Surface Area: 1,299 ha
Max Depth: 9.8 m
Mean Depth: 5.1 m



City of Madison

Dane County





Lake Mendota

Future Project

The first hydrologic model has been created for Lake Monona and is fully operational in real-time mode. In the future we will implement a real-time hydrologic model for Lake Mendota. The hydrologic model is a physically-based model that tries to represent the physical processes observed in the real world. The model contains representations of surface runoff, evaporation, channel flow, and water level. The purpose is to provide real time ungaged stream discharge information necessary for further hydrodynamic modeling.